„Feel like home away from home”

Our villa means not only hotel rooms. Our aim is to give you something more. A coffee, an aromatic cake, a comfortable armchair and a book. How about a glass of wine on the terrace or by the fireplace?

Everybody needs a moment to calm down and relax. No matter whether you are on a business trip, on a tour or visit your family, you will find your place here.

Are you a vegetarian? Do you follow a specific diet? We are able to flexibly adapt the menu to your needs. Cooking is very important to us. We use traditional products from our region as far as possible. We do not accept half-finished products and substitutes. After all, you are what you eat...

Every human has different needs and demands. We are there for you and we will try to fulfill your every request.

"A piece of heaven is in every smile,
In every kind word,
And friendly gesture,
In every helpful act.
A piece of heaven is in every heart,
Which is the salutary harbor for unfortunate.
In every home with bread, wine and heartfelt warmth."
[Phil Bosmans]

Villa Antiqua is a place which came into existence thanks to persistence, perseverance and hard work. After many problems and adversities connected with building and opening of our villa, we are stronger and ready to face up to any difficulty. We would like to offer you satisfaction through our work. Our aim is constant development and work on every single element. That is why your suggestions and criticism are so important to us. We try to put our heart and soul into our work and continually strive for perfection.